Are you planning for your future? A will is a great step towards your future and a qualified attorney can help you plan your will and estate to protect your family when you are gone. Families in the Madison area and Southern Wisconsin in need of a will and estate planning attorney will find that the legal team at DeHorse Law, LLC can help you organize and plan your future.

What Is a Will?

A basic understanding of what a will includes will help you better plan for your family’s future when you have died. A will is defined as a written document that designates who will take control of your estate – property and finances not passed to specific beneficiaries – after you die. In addition to identifying who will control and distribute your estate, a will designates who will care for your children after you pass if they are still minors and your spouse is incapable of providing care. A living trust is an element of your estate that gives control of your property and finances to a trustee while you are alive – which passes to the trustee after your death.

Individuals who are planning their estate may want to include a living will – which is different than a standard will. A living will is a separate document that provides you with the opportunity to note your written preferences for potential life-prolonging medical treatment at the end of your life. The living will allows you to declare your medical wishes for the use of medical professionals if you are in a terminal condition and you cannot speak for yourself. 

Do I Need an Attorney to Write a Legal Will?

A will is a legal document – but you can create a legal will on your own. To be a legal will, the document must be signed and dated with a minimum of two witnesses with signatures – who should not be beneficiaries of your will.

With that said – a will is a legal document and the legal process of creating a will can be complicated. A qualified will and estate planning attorney in Wisconsin – like the legal team at DeHorse Law, LLC – can help you plan an estate that will best fit your end-of-life wishes. DeHorse Law, LLC attorneys understand the legal ramifications of a will, a living will, a living trust and durable power of attorney and will walk you through the process.  

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