Are you in the middle of a landlord-tenant dispute? Do you have proof of a breach of contract? Wisconsin Small Claims Court may provide the legal solution that you need – but where do you even begin? The legal system can be difficult to navigate for many, and for potential claimants who are unfamiliar with the process, a small claims attorney may prove to be the help you need.

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What Types of Cases Are Heard in Small Claims Court?

The Wisconsin Small Claims Court will handle a variety of cases that will often involve monetary damages in smaller amounts. In the State of Wisconsin – any individual or corporation can file a case in small claims court – with or without an attorney. Here is a quick look at common types of cases and suits that are adjudicated in a small claims court.

  • Civil Actions and Claims for Payment – For Amounts Less Than $10,000.
  • Tort and Personal Injury Cases – For Damages of Less Than $5,000
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes For Evictions and Damages
  • Repossession of Property – For Non-Consumer Credit of Less Than $10,000 and Consumer Credit of Less Than $25,000
  • Municipal Actions to Recover Tax Funds – For Amounts Less Than $10,000
  • Disputes Over Damages or Improper Repairs to Personal Property 
  • Disputes Over Work or Services Provided 

How Can a Small Claims Attorney Help in Madison WI?

You may be asking – do I need a small claims attorney? While small claims court is a more informal setting and relies on a standard of proof that is called substantial justice with more leeway granted by the judge – an experienced attorney can help you organize the proof and evidence in your case to give you the best chance to win your small claims lawsuit. A small claims attorney can help you navigate the legal process in Wisconsin Small Claims Court. 

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