Do you rent in Wisconsin? Are you a landlord in Wisconsin? Wisconsin provides laws to protect both tenants and landlords in evictions, non-payment disputes, pet disputes, noisy neighbors, repair issues, and more. When you are faced with a landlord tenant dispute, it is important to understand those laws and that is where DeHorse Law can help – as your landlord and tenant dispute attorney.

Do I Need a Landlord Tenant Dispute Attorney in Wisconsin?

Did you know that as a tenant you have certain rights? The law protects tenants from unlawful eviction, illegal retaliatory evictions, housing discrimination, unlawful fees and more. Did you know that as a landlord, you have rights to protect you and your property? Wisconsin landlord-tenant laws help ensure that rent is paid, property is protected and landlords have the right to evict tenants within the construct of the law. DeHorse Law, LLC is here to help landlords and tenants solve their disputes in Wisconsin courts.

How Can a Landlord Tenant Dispute Attorney Help?

When you are faced with a lawsuit as a tenant or a landlord, a landlord tenant dispute attorney can help and DeHorse Law, LLC has the legal knowledge and experience that you need on your side. Potential clients may not know how an attorney can help you win your case – but we have provided a quick list at DeHorse Law, LLC.

  • Provides 100% Honest Feedback About Your Legal Dispute
  • Provides Clear and Concise Legal Options
  • Reviews Court and Legal Documents
  • Interviews Potential Witnesses
  • Collects Documents and Records
  • Plans a Legal Strategy 
  • Negotiates with Landlords, Tenants, Insurance Companies, Property Managers and Legal Counsel

Contact DeHorse Law, LLC today to enlist our services as landlord and tenant dispute attorneys in Wisconsin!