Have you received a judgment in your case that you believe is wrong or unsubstantiated? You may have asked – how can I appeal my judgment? The answer is the Wisconsin Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Wisconsin Circuit Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in the State of Wisconsin that is divided into four districts. The circuit court of appeals provides plaintiffs with the opportunity to appeal a court ruling at the circuit court level and have the case adjudicated at a higher level based on previously provided evidence. 

When you are faced with a courtroom appeal, it is important to understand how the system works, to provide you with the greatest chance for success in your case. A circuit court of appeals attorney may provide the advantage you need in your case and DeHorse Law, LLC has the experience in the circuit court of appeals that you need on your side. 

What Types of Cases Are Heard in the Wisconsin Circuit Court of Appeals?

Are you a citizen that wishes to appeal or contest a judgment made by a circuit court judge? The Wisconsin Circuit Court of Appeals will hear select cases with non-final judgments via a panel of three judges in most cases and a single judge in select legal scenarios. 

Types of cases that are most often heard in the circuit court of appeals include:

  • Small Claims Actions and Cases
  • Municipal Ordinance Violations and Cases
  • Traffic Regulation Violations and Cases
  • Mental Health Cases
  • Juvenile Cases
  • Contempt of Court Cases
  • Misdemeanor Cases

In each case – the Wisconsin Circuit Court of Appeals will issue a written decision. To come to a conclusion, the court relies on circuit court records, written legal briefs by each party and oral arguments. No additional testimony is taken in the Court of Appeals.

How Can a Circuit Court of Appeals Attorney Help?

The legal system can be complicated – which you understand if you wish to appeal a judgment in the circuit court. When you file an appeal, you will need to fill out the proper forms, understand court procedures, file a petition for review and provide a compelling argument in court – all while you deal with the stress and pressure of your case. The law team at DeHorse Law, LLC can help alleviate that pressure and support you in and out of the courtroom with legal advice, documentation and much more. 

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